Thursday, November 30, 2017

Down to the Wire

Oh, dear, oh dear. Where did November go?

It’s the last day of the month, and the final day of my 30 blog post challenge. Somehow I managed to get two posts behind, which means I need to write three today. I also need to finish my latest batch of skits for Clergy Stuff—and I just had a piece accepted by Modern Loss, but there are edits I need to deal with today as well. Luckily, it’s my day off from church, so it theory it can all happen. I can end November guilt-free, a great big pile o’ words testifying to my industriousness. Just have to concentrate!

The ONLY thing I have accomplished by now (9:30 AM) is my shower (oh, and a thorough perusal of the internet’s top stories…did you know that Royalty-to-Be Meghan Markle at age 11 got Proctor and Gamble to change an ad for Ivory dish soap? She did! The preteen Markle was irked by her male classmates’ response to a TV commercial stating “Women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans!” The boys said that women belonged in the kitchen. She wrote to the company, prompting their adjustment to “People all over America, etc.” Yay Meghan! Prince Harry chose well!) But I digress…

9:38 AM Yaj and Peter are home from the dentist and grocery shopping! I have to stop everything and hear every detail about little Mr. Pearly Whites’ first dental visit! Plus there are groceries to help put away! Writing commences at 10 AM, sharp!!

Aren't those the cutest teeth you've ever seen?

 I really need to move upstairs to the desk in the spare bedroom. It’s quieter up there, plus the internet connection is terrible, so no more tempting distractions! Laptop in hand, I am on my way to success!

Short detour!

 But first I need to check online for the opening date of the Erma Bombeck Humor Writers’ Competition. Have I missed it? My chances of victory in this very popular contest are about zilch, but you have to enter to win, right? Plus Dave Barry is one of the judges (yes, THE Dave Barry!) and who knows? He may react to my scribblings the way I do to his (hysterical laughter). Btw: December 4th is the opening date.

Halfway up the stairs with my computer when I realize: I HAVE to answer three time-sensitive work emails. Back down I go!

9:47 Still on track for a 10 AM start! Gathering supplies for the marathon: refilled coffee mug, notebooks, a pen, and a scented candle (weird but effective- the aroma of honeysuckle somehow triggers literary output). OK, got everything!

9:56 Forgot matches! Three minutes to go!

9:57 Hey, wait a second!! I am almost finished with this blog post!!! That means my writing day is well underway, and it isn’t even 10 AM yet! I think I will reward myself with a little break!  

If you’ll excuse me, I have some serious woolgathering (I mean, brainstorming) to do for the next hour (or so). Back at 11!

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