Monday, February 6, 2012

My Day in Tweets

Isn’t Twitter the coolest? Each tweet so spare, and yet they can be so eloquent! And then there’s the thrill of the chase (following and being followed)! Mind you, I’ve used Twitter exactly twice so far, but if it’s anything like Facebook and blogging (the gateway drugs) I know that soon I won’t be able to stop. The beauty part is that I can make my life (and me) seem so so much more interesting than things really are. It won’t be long before I can stop talking entirely, and let my tweets speak for me. Here is a typical day in my world, in 140 characters or less.

You beckon me to remain with you, my fresh-smelling love, but I must get up and greet the new day #CleanSheetsAreGreat

How bold dare I be this morning? This bold? I have no choice. Carpe diem! #MadeCoffeeTooStrong

Good morning, Joe! Good morning, Mika! Come right on in. Let’s all comment on yesterday’s primary! You are always such fascinating guests in my home! #MSNBC

Unwelcome surprise! I am drenched with a shower of icicles! Someone will pay for my misery! #WhoUsedUpHotWater

Life’s choices can seem so very narrow! Today it is either green wool or plaid cotton. What if I don’t want to wear either? #ForgotToWashClothes

My credit has been frozen. Help! #SteveTookIceScraperAmUsingVisaCardTo ScrapeCarWindows

In an unpredictable world, I have found a refuge of predictability. Reassuring! #MyOfficeSameMessItWasYesterday

A blank slate, full of opportunity. A beautiful white vista, unmarked by words: my computer screen #ChildrensSermonWritersBlock

Let’s have an adventure in June, and go totally "Overboard!" #PickingCurriculumForVBS

How relentlessly you pursue me! Day after day you call. SO flattering, yet once more I must say no. #YouthFundraiserSolicitation

Still a blank slate, still a beautiful unmarked white vista: my computer screen #LentProgramWritersBlock

On the road again! Another exhilarating six block drive home! #IReallyNeedMoreExercise

Out once more, afoot this time, admiring the beauty of nature with a friendly walking companion #WeReallyNeedMoreExercise

Creativity reigns! What gustatory suppertime magic can I work with one red pepper, cornflakes and spaghetti noodles? #NeverGotToAcme

My youngest child Julie, always a special joy! #DidSchoolworkAndCleanedRoom

I am invited to dinner at an active senior community! I am invoiced by our source of light and heat! Our Sports arrive, Illustrated! #MailCameIn

Disaster! Who knew a cornflake, red pepper and spaghetti soup could be so inedible, repulsive even? #BetterGetToAcme

Disaster plus! Who knew that burned cornflakes adhere so tenaciously to a soup pot? #NeedNewSoupPot

Alas! Words of hurt and betrayal, sent to me from a loved one in an Island paradise! How can I make things right? #ForgotToCallMySisterInHawaii

Sending words of hurt and betrayal to a loved one at Millersville University. How can he make things right? #PJForgotToCallMe

Welcome escape to a world of make-believe, where incredible things are possible. How long can I stay? #FallingAsleepWithMyBook
 Wow, I had a MUCH more thrilling day than I thought I had. Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!

Sometimes, I just love technology.

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