Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Seyf's Table

Shrimp awesomeness with chef Pat at Victory

We are hooked on the Netflix documentary series “Chef’s Table,” extraordinary videos that profile chefs around the world, and explore their love for the food they prepare. And they are an eclectic crew for sure. Young Christina Tosi of Milk Bar in NYC pays tribute to the junk food of her childhood, with such creations as cereal milk and “crack” pie (named when her fellow restaurant workers first tasted it and swore they couldn’t stop eating it). Then there’s Dario Cecchini, a charming Tuscan chef who adores introducing people to the lesser known parts of an animal (Dario maintains a reverence for the creatures who give their lives for our nourishment). Closer to home is a video about Cristina Martinez, who cooks traditional Mexican barbeque (barbacoa) in her tiny South Philly restaurant (we are determined to get there this fall).

While all eight of us adult Seyfrieds (plus Aiden, I must add) are avid cooks, only one is a certified pro—Patrick. He’s worked in restaurants since college days, and currently serves as executive chef at Victory Brewing Company in Parkesburg, PA. One of his duties is creating specials for the menu, and I have been delighted when he has contacted me for one of my recipes (baking powder biscuits, etc.) to use in the restaurant. On our anniversary in March, Steve and I ate at Victory, and thoroughly enjoyed the meal, which featured various Victory brews as ingredients. Not sure where life will take Pat, but I do know preparing food will remain an important focus for him.

On Father’s Day, Evan created an amazing dining experience for us at home. It included readings about the Old South, music of the period, and a parade of delicious courses (cooked by Ev) perfectly matched to the theme. We loved it all, and encouraged him to offer more of this kind of cultural adventure in the future. 

Last Christmas, as his Secret Santa gift to us, Evan (who was in Thailand Dec. 25th) created and sent a fun parody of the opening credits of “Chef’s Table,” (footage taken on Thanksgiving in Brooklyn.) Seyf's Table

Our dining room table, purchased 30 years ago, could use refinishing. It seats eight, which back in the day was adequate but is getting snug as we pull up extra chairs for guests. We have definitely not always dined in culinary splendor there, but we have always been nourished, in body and spirit. We rotate several “graces” before we eat, from the classic “Bless us O Lord,” to the preschool song, “Thank you thank you thank you God, for our family friends and food.” We hold hands, and end with a resounding “Amen.” Nowadays our grandsons are in the mix, and I am overjoyed to see them each clasp a grownup hand, even little Peter crowing “A---men!”

We have had so many happy times around Seyf’s Table, and while at some point it will surely need to be replaced, it will never be replaced in my heart.

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