Sunday, November 11, 2018

Right on Schedule

Without these, I'd "spiral" out of control (get it?)

I’ve never done well without a schedule. Not only do they keep me on track, but my scribbled notations in the calendar squares serve as a diary of sorts, reminding me that I put clothes out for the Vietnam Vets collection on May 12, 2008 (what, isn’t that what you write in YOUR diary?) I have separate handwritten notebooks for my church work and my writing career. I know I am quite old-fashioned in this world of online calendars, but it’s a tough habit to break. There isn’t really any logical reason to tote several lined spiral notebooks around with me. But I find logic to be rather overrated, so I keep reaching for a pen.

Currently in our house we have four extremely busy adults. Steve keeps his children’s theatre schedule in a planner he writes in (I applaud his choice!), but many times that info never reaches the rest of the household, so when he darts out for a performance no one has a clue where he’s going. Just as soon as I have Sheridan’s high school teaching schedule memorized (I’m usually good by June), it changes the following fall! How dare the school do that? He and Ya-Jhu are out rehearsing many nights with this or that choir. They always line up child care for the boys, but because of my cluelessness, I am often surprised to see a teenage sitter show up at our door, as Yaj rushes off to work.

We make a small effort to record everything on a big wall calendar in the kitchen, but lots of things fall through the cracks. Plus, everyone notates things differently. How am I supposed to know what “AWL” is? (it’s an abbreviation for Steve’s current show). When Evan was living with us after grad school, there was additional confusion. Who was the “E” who had a meeting on Wednesday night—me or him?

Aiden and Peter are both in preschool, but Aiden goes five mornings and Peter just two. And sometimes on the days Peter doesn't go to school, Aiden stays on till 3 PM for “lunch bunch.” Soon their comings and goings will intensify I know—soccer practices and Scouts, in addition to doctor appointments and play dates. We ferry the kiddos back and forth, either in Sheridan and Ya-Jhu’s car, or in mine. Car seats are switched from vehicle to vehicle (hopefully. I’ve been known to speed off somewhere with two empty car seats in my Accent. Oops.)

Every month or so, Ya-Jhu attempts to coordinate household schedules. This does not prevent every snafu, but it does help. What would we do without our calendars? I have only to recall my chaotic childhood. Mom had no interest in keeping track of anything, so life was a series of forgotten plans and missed opportunities for the Cunninghams. We can’t have THAT, so we struggle on, doing our best as we head off in a million directions.

So, what’s up with us today? 

I’ll go check.

Sher begins a typically hectic Saturday-5 hours boy choir rehearsal followed by teaching a private lesson!

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