Friday, September 22, 2017

Blah Blah Blog

There are countless folks blogging these days, it seems. Some, like me, merely want to write for an audience and sharpen their skills as wordsmiths; if my readers share my posts, or buy my books, so much the better! But I truly went into this blog thing in November of 2011 as kind of a writing lark. I never dreamed I’d keep it up this long, though I’m really glad I have.

When I first blogged, Sher and Yaj were not yet married, Evan was still in the Navy; Rose was just back from Seattle. PJ had yet to graduate from Millersville, and Julie was a high school junior. Needless to say, Aiden and Peter had not made their appearances on the world stage yet. And that’s just the changes in MY life in the past 6 years! Think about how the world has changed!!

Actually, I won’t think about it—on my blog, anyway. There are more than enough blog voices on both sides of the political aisle—I don’t feel the need to add to the cacophony at this point. Plus I am very thin-skinned and hate to contemplate the chorus of negativity that would inevitably follow whatever my opinion happened to be.

Peter's Birthday Cake! Notice the Chocolate Ganache! Don't notice the debris behind it!

 There are so many other types of blogs that I also do not feel compelled to emulate—the Food Blog, for example. The successful Food Blogger has an engaging but breezy writing style, an arsenal of super-duper recipes, and—perhaps most importantly—an A # 1 camera to capture all those delicious souffles and frittatas. But even THEN, the nay-sayers have to chime in: “The cake batter overflowed the pan! I had to clean my oven for the very first time! Horrific experience!!!!” “I can’t eat eggs. Why are there so many eggs in your egg recipes??”

And I cannot forget the “money-making” bloggers, who boast of raking in thousands of bucks per month. What do they do? Far as I can tell, they all have tons of unsightly pop-ups and ads on their blogs; content wise, they all seem to just post about teaching courses (for $$$) on How to Make Money with Your Blog. What am I missing here?

After years of threatening to do it, I think Rose is finally serious about starting her blog. For those who enjoy her hilariously snarky and really well-written Facebook posts, I think we all have a treat in store. As for me, I will probably continue on the quiet, well-worn path of gentle humor, sentimental reminiscence and non-controversial observations that have marked my first 225 posts. Does that make me a Blah Blogger? Perhaps. But, unless I suddenly become a different person, one who opines boldly about things governmental, or posts mouth-watering snapshots of the goodies in her kitchen (and that’s another thing—I’d have to borrow someone else’s kitchen. Ours is a disaster!), my faithful readers can expect just more of the same from me in the posts to come. You have been warned!


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