Saturday, November 19, 2016

Falling for Them

Man at Work!

It is another gorgeous autumn afternoon in Oreland. We have been blessed with some spectacular, crisp and sunny days lately—which makes me dread the dark and dreary winter ahead even more. Aiden’s been earning his keep by raking the back yard with his mini-rake. If I was an outdoorsy type (which if you read this blog at all you know I am definitely not), I would almost be tempted to hike or something. Luckily, my family can do the outside thing for me, and I can just look at the pictures from the comfort of my living room. Luckier still (for my children), Steve is our Rugged Outdoorsman, so they’ve always had company frolicking in the fall weather. I just snapped a photo of Grandson #1 hard at work amid the piles of multicolored leaves, and it inspired me to go digging for more photographic evidence of my kiddos enjoying the season.

Found a cute shot of Sher and his dad lying down on a bed of yellow leaves, both looking delighted. Sheridan is missing a couple of teeth, so he must have been about six.

That, and the picture of blond toddler PJ, was probably taken in our yard. 
The photo of Evan is from the Water Tower Playground in Chestnut Hill for sure.

He was two, and his sky-blue sweater matched the color of his eyes. Rose can be viewed strolling along Forbidden Drive, and stopping to examine a scarlet leaf. Even as a young girl, Rosie was
sophisticated beyond her years. I can absolutely see her striking the same pose on a stroll through Central Park nowadays.

Julie went through a prolonged tomboy phase, and climbing rocks at a nearby state park in late October was a favorite activity.

Though of course I don’t remember them all, I realize I am wrapping up my 60th autumn here on earth. How many more I will be granted I cannot say, but realistically I am heading into the last decades of my life. It shocks me to think that tiny Peter won’t be 60 until the year 2076, and I can’t imagine what the world will be like then. I pray we get a handle on protecting our environment so that there still will BE trees with colorful leaves for Peter and his kids to enjoy.

But for today, I am content to look at these fall pictures of my loved ones with joy. They look smiling and healthy and happy. For all the mistakes I made mothering this brood, they turned out to be good people anyway, people I adore, people I cannot wait to spend the holidays with. And Sher and Yaj are fantastic parents of two cherished little boys, who have taught me that love just keeps expanding, the more there are to love.

This is the traditional week to give thanks, and I certainly do. May this be a week of happiness for you, too, surrounded by love, living joyfully in this amazing world.

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