Friday, May 27, 2016

A Day in the Life of Aiden Seyfried

May 27, 2014 I am born!

5:30 AM Wake up time!!! I'm grouchy as all get out but I need to MOVE! C'mon, poor pregnant Mom, up and at 'em!!!

6:00 AM We're off to the races!! Typical morning routine: I express a desire for breakfast. Nana whips up a bowl of "tasty" yogurt and blueberries. Two bites and I am ready to get DOWN from Nana's lap and UP on Pa's lap for...

6:30 AM Breakfast Take #2: eggs!! Sometimes I hate these yellow things! Today I love them! It's called keeping them on their toes!

7:00 AM Playtime!! I rotate between throwing and catching a ball (remarkably well), and my electronic English/ Chinese "Cognition Books" (20 or so buttons to push with images on them. Two options to hear them in the two languages.) I am a superstar!!!

8:00 AM Get dressed! I don't need a fresh diaper! I am happy being wringing wet!! AND I want to continue to wear my pajama bottoms as a fashion statement. Shoes? No way!! Let's head out into the yard in bare piggies!

9:00 AM A saintly parent pushes me in my stroller to the train station. Trains are my reason for living!!! I am at Oreland Station so often that the conductors wave to me! Already plotting for the day I get my Eurailpass and bust out of here!! Toot toot!!

10:00 AM Time for TV! You can keep your Real Housewives of NYC, I've got my Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends! If the weather is too icky to be outside, I will hang in for an episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood but honestly feel that the total innocence and lack of ironic undertone is a little "young" for me.

11:00 AM Snack time! I will either a) eat 10,000 grapes and an entire box of goldfish or b) skip the whole thing. What will I do today? I'm not telling!!

11:30 AM Throw a ball to/at Nana, and laugh hysterically as she pretends to be wounded. Nana is also good for blowing bubbles (my other current obsession). She doesn't mind if I throw the ball onto the piano keys because it is SO FUN to hear the sound it makes. She will leave it to my Mom and Dad to undo the damage when I am in third grade and still hurling balls at Steinways.

12:00 Getting tired now. Should be ready for a nap. Operative word is "should." I would rather scream and fuss awhile first. Clears the lungs!!

12:30 OK, OK I surrender!!! But before I retire to my crib I require: a drink of water, my blue blanket from Aunt C, Mom's blanket so I can smell her, my 50,000 stuffed friends, a selection of my favorite board books, and one of my little trains (of course). Off to Slumberland!!

2:30 Waaah!!! Lest you forget, there's a baby in the house!! I awaken in a foul mood, allowing only Mama to hold me until I really come to. Eventually I realize that I am STARVING. Mama juggles me in her arms as she heats up my noodles, meat and vegetables. Don't put me down, Ma!!

3:00 Let's go to the park! Raining? Freezing? Broiling hot? No matter!! I need my exercise! Let's climb and slide and swing and run around flinging wood chips!!

4:00 Home again and I'm on the alert for: Airplanes up in the sky! School buses in front of the house! Trucks and cars rumbling and roaring through the neighborhood! Glad I am on duty to keep East Oreland safe!

5:00 Baba (Daddy) is home!!!!! My joy is complete! He lets me jump on him and he swings me upside down and backwards!! Baba and I build "da bridge" out of Brios for my trains, and it takes a satisfyingly long time. Dinner is being prepared, but at this point I am only interested in...cookies and ice cream!!! It is my daily challenge to "sweet "talk one of my grownups into giving me dessert before supper--and I usually win!!

6:00 Starting to wind down, but I will never surrender!!! I may be lying on the floor pushing a toy car back and forth for fifteen minutes, but I am ever ready to snap into action! I' m awake! I'm awake!

6:30 Dinner! I get a kick out of holding hands with everybody and saying grace, even though I have no clue what they are saying. Whatever is on the menu, I am interested for precisely three minutes or three bites, whichever comes first! Then down from the high chair I go!!

7:00 Lala time!! There's a Chinese song calling baths "lalas" so that's good enough for me! I splash splash for at least a half hour, and most enjoy standing up and throwing bath toys around because that's just how I roll! Lalas forever!!

7:30 This is where I shine--stalling!! If Baba or Mama is practicing an instrument, I am all ears and adorable reactions. If Pa is watching the baseball on TV, by gum so am I! Anything but the dreaded C-R-I-B!

8:00 Maybe the crib isn't so bad after all. I am WIPED OUT. But I will not go gentle into that good night without  two drinks of water,  my blue blanket from Aunt C, Mama's blanket so I can smell her, 50,000 stuffed friends, a different selection of board books, all of which include a "good night" theme (not that I pay them any heed) and my "yaats." "Yaats" means lights and they are some of my very favorite things. I need a yaats or two before I can settle down. Maybe three. Who cares? Am I paying the electric bill? I didn't think so!

8:30ish I call it a night. At least, that is my grownups' wish. They want a few minutes to unwind without chasing me all over creation. I don't want to spoil them, so I often keep the party going for an hour or more, until they are slumped, snoring, in front of my crib. Victory is mine!

Sleep quick, my grownups!! The whole things starts again in just a few hours!!

Seriously, though, today is my Aiden's second birthday. I cannot imagine life without him, and adore him in ALL his many moods. God bless you, my little darling, today and always!

Second birthday shades!

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