Monday, December 1, 2014


The Family Seyfried (Aiden got a pass at speaking this year)
Written Saturday night:

As of today we have a new Seyfried post-Thanksgiving activity .  A few weeks ago, we all got an email from Evan, suggesting we each prepare a 5-10 minute talk explaining something to present to the clan this evening. Now, Evan is an encyclopedia of info on everything from nuclear fission to Russian literature to artisanal breadmaking, so no doubt his talk will be fascinating. Everyone else in the fam knows a lot, about a great many things, as well; for them it will just be a matter of selecting from a variety of topics.

And me? What, exactly, am I an expert on? Alas, nothing springs to mind. I know zero about how anything works, nor am I particularly curious to find out. My proudest production (my children) was the result of much trial and error and MUCH good fortune. Otherwise? I am a decent cook (but entirely recipe-bound), an OK church worker (though totally untrained), a so-so actress (ditto) and a good-enough writer (maybe). Aaaand that’s about it.

I seem to be losing ground as I get older, too. Forget attaining wisdom with age for me! I have completely lost my ability to speak a foreign language, to drive a car with a manual transmission, to swim (not that I was ever particularly buoyant, but time was when I could at least do one lap in the pool without my lungs exploding). Fast-forward 10 years and I will probably be hard-pressed to remember how to dress myself.

Which brings me to tonight. While I would love to just sit back and listen to my offspring instruct us all, I know I will be expected to make some sort of contribution. I guess I can do it (it’s only five minutes, right?), so I’d better stop blogging and think about what to say. Stay tuned for an update!


So here’s how it went down…

PJ was working and unable to participate:-(

I went first and talked about the art of writing and delivering a children’s sermon.

Steve shared fascinating tidbits from his study of the Reformation (and the run-up to).

Evan schooled us in why some billionaires with a social reform agenda still can’t effect governmental change the way you’d think they could, and how companies buy back their own stock and drive up demand.

Rose gave us the lowdown on dialogue sound editing in film (tedious, meticulous, who forgot to unplug the refrigerator in the restaurant kitchen scene?)

Yaj gave us a great breakdown on the dos and don’t of recycling (inspired by the critical importance of such in her island nation of Taiwan).

Julie discussed her widely varied work experiences, what she’s learning in college about business, and why she plans to defer her bed-and-breakfast owning dream.

Sheridan showed us why he is a gifted teacher, waxing both eloquent and enthusiastic about patterns and deviations in pop and classical music.

For me, this intellectual exercise beat any hike we could have taken today. Thank you, family!!


  1. Reading this makes me happy... and I can only hope that our family can find a modicum of this amazingness in years to come. I'm humbled that I was able to share a small part of everyone's life... big hugs from across time and miles. Aimee

    1. Thanks so much, Aimee...and I have no doubt your girls are, and will be, all kinds of awesome!

  2. Yay to all of you for creativity. Great idea!

    1. Yeah, Evan does come up with some good ones. It was lots of fun!

  3. Fabulous family picture. Looking forward to hearing about what Aiden will share in the future.

  4. Love this - wish I was there. What a great family tradition!