Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Don't Worry! Be Happy! He is Risen!

Well gang, another Easter is in the books! While our attendance at church this year was fairly strong, several long-time members commented on the good old days, when they needed to set up chairs in the aisles, and park cars on the side lawn, to accommodate all the worshippers. As mainline congregations struggle to attract new members (and keep current ones), there's a whole lotta brainstorming going on. I believe in planning ahead, and so for next spring, I offer the following holiday idea, loosely based on the popular "drive through" Nativity scenes at Christmas. Ah, I can see it all now.....

                               BLESSED ST. MALAISE CHURCH PROUDLY PRESENTS:

                                         “DON’T WORRY! BE HAPPY! HE IS RISEN!”

                                        Our Original Drive-Thru Holy Week Experience

 Experience the agony of this Most Sacred Week from the warmth and comfort of your car! This is truly a meaningful and interactive spiritual odyssey. Perfect for families who want to do more than just show up at church in new clothes Easter morning, but don’t want to do MUCH more. 

 Ready? Let’s roll!

 We begin as Danno the Donkey lumbers along. Jesus (young parishioner, Bobby Jones) clings to his back. The townspeople wave palms in His Holy Path. This is a great chance for the kids to get out, stretch, and join the parade! Palm swordfighting discouraged! And don’t get too near Danno, he bites.

 When next we see Bobby, he is feasting with his friends, the Apostles. The aroma of fresh baked bread and vintage vino wafts through your auto here. You will have the opportunity to purchase a bottle of “Lachrymo Christi” and a fragrant loaf from My Daily Bread (downtown and in the Uptown Mall).

 Don’t miss the dramatic Judas kiss! (your carload can join the chorus: “Booooo, Judas!”)

 From the Garden of Gethsemane (landscaping courtesy of the Northeastville Green Thumb Club) to the windswept hill of Calvary, the Holy Journey continues at a steady speed of 2 mph. Jesus died for YOUR sins. Be sure to thank Him with a warm wave and a toot of the horn as you pass this Sacred Scene!

 Drive on. Not much happening for awhile now. It’s a quiet, contemplative time, but just as the little ones are getting restless…

 Ta da! With a blare of Glad Trumpets through our loudspeakers, it’s Easter Morning! Adorable bunnies hop amongst the colorful plastic eggs and fragrant lilies around the empty tomb. Are those baskets of burial cloth? Oh no! They are filled with complimentary jelly beans and chocolate crosses, handed out by Ladies of Little Lamb Circle at St. M’s. Don’t they (the ladies) look festive in their Easter bonnets?

As you reach our Happy Ending and exit our Drive-Thru Holy Week Experience, keep an eye peeled for the risen Bobby, um, Christ! He, like Waldo, could be anywhere!

 So you better watch out!!

 Have a Blessed Easter, and Drive Safely!!

 So what do you think? Should I run it by the Worship and Music Committee at church? Couldn't hurt!

Don't Worry, Be Happy

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  1. Absolutely......this is a Passion Play for the 21st Century. Have a blessed holiday and spring.

    ~Michael Baran