Friday, January 11, 2013

The Borrowers

Has anybody seen my cardigan from LOFT? Didn’t you wear my red dress over Christmas? May I have my skinny jeans back, please?

Rose and newborn Julie--before the borrowing began
The Seyfrieds are The Borrowers. We help ourselves to one another’s bounty, sometimes without even asking (“she never wears it anyway”). Rose is notorious for arriving home from NYC with only her purse, proceeding to plunder Julie’s clothing collection while she’s here.  I have been known to swipe from the ever-fashionable Julie as well, I must admit (although I always—well, almost always—ask). The boys aren’t quite as bad as the girls, but even they have been known to “borrow” everything from sweaters and socks to belts and vests. PJ is currently missing his dress pants, and I am wondering if said pants are enjoying a Taiwan vacation with Sheridan at this very moment. Steve isn’t really a borrower, but an inheritor. He, like Sheridan, cares little for clothes, and has been known to sport an “Alaska” sweatshirt (mine) and a Navy issue turtleneck (Evan’s), warmth trumping style every single time. Surveying his wardrobe is a trip down memory lane, filled with things the children have discarded. As Steve has proven, there is no such thing as an unwanted clothing item. Purple Heart waits in vain for our cast-offs, because we never really cast them off.  

Evan in the infamous blue suit
When the kids were small, before they could snag their siblings’ coats and skirts for themselves, I did the honors for them. The very second Sheridan outgrew a fuzzy sleeper, there it appeared on baby Evan. I was delighted when PJ came along, so that now-matted and worn fuzzy sleeper could head into round three. My young sons were pretty oblivious to fashion trends then. Now, they are aghast at the photos of the sky-blue suit with short pants, and are retroactively mortified that they ever had to wear such silliness. Little Rose was the recipient of many a neighborhood hand-me-down, which only worked until her keen fashion sense kicked in at age three, at which time she refused to put on the jumper with the ducky pattern and the bright pink patent leather shoes. Rosie insisted on her own hand-selected tights and tee-shirts, which of course had zero appeal when Julie came along, and wreaked havoc on the budget. 

Now, however, we LOVE each other’s stuff.  With only the occasional skirmish we share and share alike. Holiday photos over the years attest to the snappy tie adorning, in turn, the necks of every man in the household.  As I write this, I am wearing a really cute shirt from Julie’s closet that I hope she’s forgotten she owns. I think of Jules as I wear it, and feel closer to her somehow. I wonder if the others feel a similar bond when sporting various family members’ clothes. 

 We’re so lucky to have as much as we do. Why not spread the joy around a bit?

 Although I would be thrilled to get my denim sundress back someday. Rose? Julie?  

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  1. Cute! You all are too generous. I used to HATE it when my mother borrowed my clothing and am convinced that God gave me three boys so that I would never have to share!