Friday, June 15, 2012

A Modest Proposal

Sher, Pastor Mike Carlson, and Yaj
One week from tomorrow, Sheridan and Ya-Jhu are getting married. We are hosting the rehearsal dinner and making all the food for the reception and housing quite a few guests. Some prep has been done, but not nearly enough. So what am I doing tonight?

Blogging, of course! Click-clacking away at the computer keyboard helps me forget that a) the cake (a massive undertaking) so far exists only in my mind b) while the groom has (just) purchased a new suit, groomsman PJ has (just) discovered that his suit pants are AWOL and c) my petition to the folks at "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" for a total house overhaul has, to date, gone unanswered. Distractions, please!

And here's one: for this, my upcoming 55th post (but who's counting? me!)--one for each year of my life--I am issuing a challenge to you, Constant Reader. Suggest a subject for my next post! Few holds barred (you know that this is a family blog, right?). What topic would you like to see me wax, if not eloquent, just plain wax about? I am in the mood to tackle a new subject!! Send me your thoughts in the next few days and I will choose the material for my next blog post.

Meanwhile, wish us luck as we attempt to pull it all together for Sher and Yaj, two of my favorite people on earth, who deserve a beautiful day and all the best life has to offer. We can do this, right? Right? Thank you, I think so too. Mostly.



  1. Best of luck and good wishes to the happy couple! fondant hides many cake mistakes....

    1. Thanks so much--for the good wishes and the fondant tip too:)

  2. I thought we agreed you weren't hosting!!! ;) Hope the big day was filled with much love and many memories!